Root Canal Retreatment

What is an Endodontic Retreatment?

In most cases, a root canal treatment can last a lifetime, but it’s possible that complications might arise months or years after the treatment. If you have a treated tooth that is having problems, it might be necessary to schedule retreatment.

This additional procedure helps to eliminate lingering pain after a root canal. Sometimes, lingering bacteria is still present, which can result in an ongoing infection. Endodontic retreatment also helps avoid future problems that could lead to a tooth extraction if left untreated.

Why Do You Need a Root Canal Retreatment?

Many patients have long-term success with the initial root canal treatment. But there are a few reasons why dental retreatment might be necessary later on:

  • The tooth was re-contaminated, possibly because of a failure with the permanent restoration.
  • The remaining structure of the natural tooth is decaying due to the ongoing presence of bacteria in or around the tooth.
  • The previous root canal treatment didn’t heal properly, and you are still experiencing pain.
  • The previous root canal treatment wasn’t cleaned sufficiently.

If you are still experiencing pain or discomfort after a root canal, it’s important to consult with an experienced endodontist to determine if root canal retreatment through crown is an option for you. To learn more, please schedule a consultation with our exceptional team in your area!

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