Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative dentistry is an interdisciplinary field that combines life sciences and engineering for tissue treatments. This therapy can regenerate both soft and hard tissues, helping to restore, maintain, or improve the tissue function and protect your overall smile.

Different Types of Regenerative Therapy

Dentists, endodontic specialists, oral surgeons, and other industry experts have used regenerative dentistry for many years. This specialty continues growing as experts find new ways to improve treatments and available services.

There are different types of regenerative dentistry, depending on each patient’s unique needs. One of the earliest examples is vital pulp therapy which works with the regenerative and reparative capabilities within the tooth.

Now, it’s common to use bone grafting and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) therapies. This method uses biocompatible scaffolds that aid tissue regeneration in the target area.

The use of regenerative therapies is continuing to evolve, and these treatments will likely improve in the coming years as new methods and technologies are developed. Our team at

Vertex Endodontics is working to stay ahead of the trends, offering the latest treatments for our patients.

Pros and Cons of Regenerative Endodontic Therapy

The benefits are undeniable: regenerative therapy can be helpful for saving a tooth and regenerating lost bone density. For example, bone grafting can be used to provide the foundation that is necessary to hold a dental implant in place.

The clinical results and patient outcomes are quite favorable using these treatments. But there are a few limitations with this type of therapy:

  • Specialty Services:
    This in-depth treatment plan must be implemented by a highly-trained specialist in endodontics. Your dentist will refer you to meet with an endodontist because these services aren’t available through general dentistry.
  • Tooth Discoloration:
    Sometimes, the placement of the barrier can result in a discoloration of the tooth. But it’s possible to minimize potential discoloration by using biocompatible materials as a barrier or applying calcium hydroxide or a double antibiotic paste as a dressing alternative.

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