3D Imaging

Modern technology is an important part of the current dental industry, helping to improve diagnostics and treatments to help you achieve the best oral health possible. At Vertex Endodontics, we use 3D imaging technology to provide top-notch services for our patients.

Traditional Dental X-Rays vs. Dental Cone Beam Computed Technology

For many years, dentists used film x-rays and a visual examination to identify potential issues requiring treatment. This approach was limited because some conditions remained undetected since they couldn’t be viewed with a basic x-ray.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is an innovative solution that gives our team a three-dimensional view of the teeth and soft tissue. This information is helpful for planning surgical procedures to ensure optimal results for every patient.

How We Use CBCT & What is 3D Imaging

There are many applications for 3D images during diagnostics and treatments. Here are a few examples of when CBCT scans might be recommended:

  • Detailed information about impacted teeth to prepare a surgical plan
  • Assessing tooth root structure to determine the ideal treatment for each patient
  • Ensuring accuracy with dental implants and other surgical interventions
  • Diagnostics and early detection for a variety of conditions.

For more information about Cone Beam CT scans near you, please call us at: 773-373-0790.

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